A goodbye note from our media intern Sean.

We’ve been fortunate to have three great interns help us out at the agency this summer. One of them was Sean McMahon, who finished up his time with us just last week. On his last day, he sent out this message to the company, and it made our hearts swell. Footnotes are ours, not Sean’s.

Dear CW gang,

The past five weeks have been such an amazing experience. First off, I’d like to thank Mr. (Jimmy) Crowley for giving me the opportunity to work here this summer. I bet the last thing he wanted to see come across his screen was an email from one of Jack’s* friends asking for an internship. Also, I’d like to thank Melanie for making the transition as smooth as possible.

Coming in, I had no idea what to expect, since I’ve taken only one basic marketing class thus far in college. Within the first couple of days, acronyms such as RFP, CPM, and DMA were being tossed around in meetings and I had no idea what anyone was talking about. Thankfully, my guy Biagio briefed me on the basic terms.

I’m grateful for all the people at Crowley Webb who helped me learn what it’s like to be a team member in an agency. Even though I was a media intern, I had the chance to experience the whole agency by meeting and working on projects with other departments. It was awesome to hear about the daily lives and career paths of several employees.

Things I’ll miss:

  • Mary Kroll’s emergency weather emails
  • Meetings with cool clients
  • The relaxed but focused office
  • Dialing 401 every morning and being welcomed by Taveem
  • Lunchroom banter and trivia (I probably got about four total trivia answers right)
  • The Sweeney Building
  • Biagio’s sarcasm
  • Performing tasks for the media team
  • Fighting for fridge real estate
  • Jess’s mysteriously missing cucumber-and-cheese sandwich
  • Everyone

Things I won’t miss:


I enjoyed coming to work every day because of the people. Everyone greeted me with a warm welcome like I was a regular. All my friends complain about having to get up in the morning to do the same thing as they always do. Here, I didn’t really know what to expect because something new always comes up. That’s what makes it enjoyable in my eyes. I wish nothing but the best for everyone, and hopefully I’ll see you soon (maybe next summer)!

– Intern Sean

*Jack is Jimmy’s son. All other names mentioned are Crowley Webb employees.
They’re all cool.

The feeling is definitely mutual, Sean. Thanks for all your hard work.

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