Chroma is a partnership between minority-owned businesses and Crowley Webb

Working harder to support our neighbors.

At Crowley Webb, we recognize that diversity, inclusion, and equity are vital to making our community stronger. Which is why we are dedicated to supporting local minority-owned businesses. As part of our role fighting against racial inequality and putting in the work to do better, Crowley Webb is offering the equivalent of $60,000 in agency services annually to minority-owned small businesses looking for marketing and communications support.

With this ongoing effort and continued learning on our part, we hope to amplify diverse voices and celebrate what makes the Western New York community so unique. If you would like to see if working with Crowley Webb is right for your business, please complete and submit the following form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

To submit, please review the Chroma terms and conditions – only eligible companies will be considered. Limit of one submission per person or email address.

Apply FAQ

Fill out the Chroma form.


As part of our role in fighting against racial inequality and putting in the work to do better, Crowley Webb has launched an ongoing partnership program with local minority-owned small businesses. Annually, we will offer the equivalent of $60,000 in agency services to local minority-owned small businesses looking for marketing and communications support.

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older at the time of submission. The business must be based in WNY, be minority-owned, and have 50 or fewer full-time employees. For more details on eligibility requirements, see section 1 of the Chroma terms and conditions.

Yes, as long as the owner is aware and has given permission. Only one application per business is allowed.

Yes, as long as your business could qualify for either City of Buffalo/County of Erie minority business enterprise (MBE) certification or New York State MBE certification.

Only one application per business will be considered per 12 months from application submission.

Every applicant should receive a confirmation email after submitting an application. If you did not receive a confirmation email, check your spam folder. If you did receive the confirmation email but haven’t heard anything further from us, then your business may not have been selected for the current quarter. Crowley Webb will keep your application for future consideration up to 12 months after your application submission date; you do not need to apply again within this time frame.

If you have received an error message from our website, please email us at

If you would like to remove your application from consideration, please email us at

Once we have determined which applications meet the eligibility requirements, a business is chosen based on its needs and the capabilities of Crowley Webb. Our main criteria for selecting a business, as stated in section 4 of the Chroma terms and conditions, are:

(i.) Strong rationale for the Sponsor’s (i.e., Crowley Webb’s) services (as detailed in the applicant’s submission form)
(ii.) Compatibility of the minority-owned small business with the Sponsor’s capabilities and agency values
(iii.) Ability of the Sponsor to deliver the proposed services within 90 days of offer acceptance

These are considered out-of-pocket expenses, which Crowley Webb does not cover, as detailed in section 5 of the Chroma terms and conditions.

At the conclusion of the engagement, all documents prepared by Crowley Webb for the selected business become the property of that business and, if in the possession of Crowley Webb, will be delivered upon request. Crowley Webb hereby represents and warrants that it has the appropriate ownership and/or permissions to use any and all work they produce for the selected business. Crowley Webb will notify the selected business of any work that remains the property of an independent contractor prior to incorporating it into prepared materials.

For Crowley Webb, engaging in local pro bono work provides us opportunities to flex our creative muscles while giving back to the community we love.