A letter to 2021, as written by a PR professional.

Dear 2021,

It’s not goodbye, it’s “see you never.” We’ve learned from 2020, and we’ve learned from you too. In fact, we put a little list together of our top takeaways.

We’ve learned that events can be virtual, but it’s far better meeting your colleagues face-to-face. Plus, you’re always guaranteed a snack of some sort.

We’ve learned that calling someone’s office extension will likely lead to their voicemail. And the person on the other end likely forgot their four-digit passcode, just like the rest of us.

We’ve learned that the news cycle never sleeps, and headlines have kept everyone up at night for too long – except the occasional humanity-restoring article we’ve, without hesitation, fired off to both our professional and personal inner circles.

We’ve learned to read the room when putting together a subject line.

We’ve learned that it’s OK to omit “Hope you’re well” in an email upfront. (We’re not really there yet.)

We’ve learned that anything less than two screens is non-negotiable. Crafting a media list on a single laptop screen? Lol.

We’ve learned that it’s no longer insane to pitch stories on Mondays and Fridays because time is now a construct.

And with that, we bid you adieu. Thanks for your time, 2021, but not really.

Yours truly (Psych!),
A PR Professional