Triply exciting news!

If you can appreciate a good dad joke, you’re probably our type of person. And this was exactly the case with our new friends at AAA Western and Central New York. In early 2022, we connected with this iconic American organization for some fun project work creating an integrated campaign of radio, video, paid social, and display ads centered around the idea that calling AAA is a lot like calling your dad.

Drive forward a few months and we were afforded the opportunity to pitch to become AAA’s agency of record. We had already been working on their brand positioning and a research project as well, so the group had a sense of our prowess in strategy and science. And after outlining all of our other robust capabilities, we were officially awarded the business this past fall.

Since then, we’ve been busy collaborating on branding work that debuted a new tagline and launching a new membership campaign that put AAA on broadcast television for the first time in years. But it’s only just the beginning, and we can’t wait to see what’s down the road!