Core memory unlocked: Ads of our childhood.

Close your eyes. Now picture yourself on the couch of your childhood living room – juice box in one hand, remote in the other. The show you’re watching just cut to a commercial, what is it?

If you were suddenly transported to a :30 spot that felt like a fever dream, don’t worry, you’re not alone. We asked a whole handful of Crowley Webbers born in different decades to share an ad they remember from growing up, and the nostalgia is so real.


“This was part of a series of ads Levi’s first put out in the summer of ’91. I remember only because it was when I was first becoming a consumer – helping pals with paper routes for a cool $2 a pop. I thought the ads were fun and stylish (it was the early ’90s, man), and they had all the kids guessing what species they were part of.” – Matt Low


“Super embarrassing how immediately my answer came to mind, but this is one I vividly remember – Fruity Cheerios!” – Hannah Luterek


“I’m also a Flintstones Kid . . . 10 million strong and growing.” – Andy Kaczorowski


No commentary needed on this submission from Lindsey Costello.


“I’m now realizing Chia Pets were just planted chia seeds?” – Katelyn Killoran


“My brothers and I still sing this to each other.” – Liz Mattingly


“Love my Skip-It!” – Shannon Vogel


“I loved the Got Milk? campaign. I would get so excited when a new one would pop up. They would always toe the line calling out other pop culture bits and bobs.” – Ellen Lowrey