Another year, another reminder that we love what we do.

After almost 30 years now, do we still find excitement in our local advertising award show?
Do we still get that special tingle in our stomachs when we hear our name called in front of 400 of our closest WNY friends? Even though it’s not about winning awards, do we still really like to win awards?

We do.

Last night was another night for the books here at Crowley Webb. We took home gold. Took home silver. Shared some laughs and war stories with our pals. Had a couple of cocktails. Hugged it out.

We connected as an agency and celebrated what we truly love about this business – working hard together to create great work for our amazing clients.

And that’s what never gets old, no matter how many years we’re in this business.

Below is some of the work that won – yet only a fraction of what made us proud about 2015.