Could these brand mascots compete for a natty?

At Crowley Webb, we take March Madness very seriously. I’m sure every company that participates probably takes it seriously too, but I can assure you that at this agency, we elevate it to a new level. For starters, our approach to March Madness is different. Sure, we still engage in the typical company-wide bracket competition, hoping to snag our colleagues’ money, but at Crowley Webb, the real March Madness revolves around mascots. Yep, that’s right, mascots. And not just any mascots (sorry, Gritty), but some of the most iconic and recognizable brand mascots from both past and present.

Every year, our team works tirelessly to organize a kick-ass Mascot Madness Tournament. The mascots are carefully selected and seeded appropriately, then set off to compete in thrilling head-to-head matchups. These matchups are posted to our Instagram stories for employees, followers, and fellow mascot enthusiasts to vote for their rightful winner. This year, the anticipation and excitement surrounding the highly touted mascot battle resulted in a nail-biting finish, with Morton Salt Girl being crowned champion. Be sure to check out the full tournament breakdown on our Instagram, and see if you agree with how everything unfolded.

With all that being said, is there a more perfect time to immerse yourself in the world of these iconic brand mascots? While it would be easy to simply list the most effective brand mascots, like I said, we do things differently at Crowley Webb. So, without further ado, please enjoy our meticulously crafted mascot all-star team. It should be noted that these mascots were not only chosen for their effectiveness in representing their brands, but their physical attributes and personalities have also been taken into consideration.


Starting five:

Tony the Tiger (Kellogg)

Tony the Tiger is a no brainer for pretty much any all-star game. Name a sport, Tony the Tiger has probably played it. We’ve all seen his athletic ability on full display in almost every commercial he’s in. Whether he’s running, surfing, or playing basketball, he has cemented himself as a symbol of sportsmanship and determination. Tony the Tiger is more than just a mascot; he’s a living legend, inspiring athletes of all ages to push their limits and strive for greatness.

 Mr. Clean (Procter & Gamble)

When you think of Mr. Clean, two things come to mind: cleanliness and strength. While being physically fit doesn’t guarantee that Mr. Clean will be the next Michael Jordan, it does give him the stamina to keep up on the court. Additionally, Mr. Clean’s obsession with cleanliness suggests he is extremely disciplined, amplifying his potential impact on the basketball court and in the locker room. Did we just name Mr. Clean team captain?

Chester Cheetah (Frito-Lay)

Is it just me, or does Chester Cheetah scream high school jock? He exudes the level of confidence needed from a high-profile athlete, not to mention the advantage he has from being a literal cheetah. And when he’s tossing out one of his iconic slogans, like “It’s not easy being cheesy” or “Dangerously cheesy,” he always gives off a sense of calm, cool, and collectedness, no matter the situation. His demeanor is sure to make him a dependable teammate on the court.

Kool-Aid Man (Kool-Aid)

OH YEAH,” the Kool-Aid Man is the missing piece to any championship-caliber team. Have you witnessed his iconic wall-crashing entrances? Defenses are dumbfounded on how to possibly stop this massive pitcher of juice from dominating the paint. Since his debut in advertising back in the 1970s, the Kool-Aid-Man has remained a symbol of joy and refreshment (literally). This multigenerational appeal ensures the Kool-Aid brand’s relevance and ability to captivate consumers of all ages. Imagine the number of fans he’d draw to a game!

Ronald McDonald (McDonald’s)

Ronald McDonald is the definition of a “locker room guy.” His colorful personality allows him to boost team morale in even the darkest moments. Some may argue his “clown feet” could hinder his on-court performance, but his towering stature and distinct clown-like features make him a feared competitor. Despite his diminishing presence in McDonald’s marketing due to the negative perceptions around clowns, Ronald McDonald remains one of the most recognizable brand mascots of our time.


Honorable mentions:

Michelin Man a.k.a Bibendum (Michelin)

Michelin Man’s size and unwavering resilience make him an excellent rim protector and rebounder. Despite being introduced to the world in 1898, his positive values and remarkable ability to remain relevant demonstrate that, for him, age is just a number. In fact, the Michelin Man stands as one of the most timeless brand mascots in history.

Pillsbury Doughboy (Pillsbury)

Although the Pillsbury Doughboy doesn’t have the typical stature of an NBA superstar, his charm and positivity make up for it. Surprisingly, his small stature might be an advantage, giving him a lower center of gravity to dribble and maneuver through defenders. His signature smile and happy-go-lucky attitude can also really mess with the other team’s heads. Imagine playing against an opponent that smiles at you the entire game?

And while all these brand mascots could probably handle themselves in an all-star basketball game for their own unique reasons, we’re also here to applaud them for their excellent work in captivating consumers of all ages. Each of these mascots embodies the gold standard in brand representation, using some of the most effective strategies to achieve their goals. Although some may see a decline in the use of brand mascots, we have seen glimpses of brands effectively introducing new brand mascots that have sparked considerable excitement. For example, Pop-Tart’s unveiling of the first-ever edible mascot at this year’s Pop-Tart Bowl. As we look ahead, it’s safe to say the legendary lineup above will continue to be timeless symbols, leaving a lasting mark on our cultural landscape for generations to come.

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