A new brand befitting a new approach to clinical research.

What’s so remarkable about ObjectiveGI might not be that they’re targeting a growing epidemic in our country – fatty liver disease – but rather how they’re going about it. Their innovative approach to patient care and clinical research sparked enthusiasm in our team when we first sat down with them just a few months ago to discuss their new brand. Then we went to work to really wrap our heads around it all.

ObjectiveGI is a relatively new company led by prominent figures in both the GI care and clinical research industries, Basically, the company is a conduit for GI practices and pharma companies with clinical trials. At the center of it all are patients diagnosed with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) disease, a devastating illness that requires immediate lifestyle changes. And due to the creation of research centers of excellence at GI practices across the country, these patients are getting the extra care and support they need.

Early this year, we made the trip to ObjectiveGI’s headquarters in Nashville for a summit to discuss all the ins and outs of their operation. We then conducted qualitative research with both internal and external audiences. From there, a new brand position was born – “Transforming care.” Not only is ObjectiveGI changing the way NASH patients are cared for, the care that ObjectiveGI provides is transformative. The work the company is doing is entirely aimed at changing lives. This patient-focused, progressive position was used as the springboard for all communications and branding elements that followed.

The most prominent of the pieces we’ve created out of the gate is ObjectiveGI’s new website. We knew the site had to speak to both physicians and pharmaceutical companies, but we also wanted a section just for patients because their care is central to everything the company does. We wanted imagery to be focused on people, while also feeling fresh and inviting. And the copy, while clearly stating ObjectiveGI’s approach, had to feel empathetic and inviting.

We’re definitely excited about the work we’ve completed with ObjectiveGI so far and can’t wait to see where this company with its noble mission and innovative spirit will go next.