Bringing education to life.

Since 2012, Crowley Webb has been the agency of record for Monroe Community College. And earlier this year, we undertook the exciting challenge of branding SUNY Training and Education in Advanced Manufacturing (TEAM), a consortium of the 30 community colleges across New York State. MCC’s Economic Development and Innovative Workforce Division spearheaded the initiative, and turned to us to create something innovative, fresh, and most importantly, invaluable to its job-seeking student population.

The SUNY TEAM consortium was created to address the skills gap that exists in our country today. The mission is to design and deliver training and education programs that directly address the needs of advanced manufacturing employers in New York State. Our part of the project included a new website, promotional posters, and an integrated career-fair campaign that featured digital bulletins, TV, radio, Facebook, and Google ads.

The dynamic new site showcases 265 employers across the state that are hiring in seven advanced manufacturing industry sectors. And hey, good news. It’s live! Head on over.