Your voice counts!

If you’ve taken a stroll through Elmwood Village lately, you may have seen one or two or 10 orange lawn signs reminding you to “get counted” in this year’s Census. Or perhaps a commercial break during college football has encouraged you to “let your voice be heard.” And maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ve even listened to one of your favorite Bills players on the radio letting you know all the ways you can complete the form.

Why all the gentle nudges? Because your response to the 2020 Census has the power to bring thousands of dollars in federal funding for education, healthcare, public transportation, and other vital programs to our community for the next 10 years!

That’s why this summer we teamed up with the WNY Complete Count Committee to create a campaign to help spread the word. The campaign – which included public relations, print advertising, lawn signs, paid social media, television, radio, billboards, branded masks, and hand sanitizer – features bright colors and bold copy explaining how important it is to get counted.

And if you haven’t responded yet (we promise we won’t tell, just hurry up!), you’ve got until October 15 to let your voice be heard!


census 2020 bulletin

lawn sign for census