The season of giving back.

Crowley Webb Gives Back has been extra busy these last few weeks of 2019 in prep for the biggest giving season of them all. Wait, you aren’t familiar with Crowley Webb Gives Back? It’s only our company-wide philanthropic committee that plans and executes a charitable effort each month. And ideas come from all corners of the agency. So it’s not only a total feel-good-about-doing-good exercise, it’s yet another way for us to come together and form stronger Crowley Webb cultural bonds.

Buffalo Prep Thanksgiving Donations

Now, back to the news. Fresh off our bra drive (yes, that’s a thing run by the awesome Free The Girls organization), during which we collected around 50 brassieres for former victims of sex trafficking to sell in their local markets, we focused our attention on Turkey Day. With help from our forever pals at Buffalo Prep, teams of Crowley Webbers provided feasts for eight families in need. You better believe we were thankful for this opportunity.

Next up was the big kahuna of giving: Christmas. And we had the opportunity to make it extra special for one family needing some good cheer. Working with Child and Family Services, we received a list of needs for a full family of seven. We actually just boxed up everything and sent the presents on their way. Here’s hoping we hit the mark and our adopted family will enjoy a merry morning come the 25th.

CW Givesback Holidays

We also have our long-standing tradition of decorating our company Christmas tree with hats, scarves, and gloves, which are then donated to the Salvation Army. And last but not least, we make an annual contribution in the names of our clients and agency friends to, an organization that provides shelter for women and children seeking refuge from domestic violence.

Whew. It’s certainly a lot – but never for a second feels like too much. We’ve enjoyed giving back since 1986. And like eternal do-gooder Joe Crowley always said, we’re not giving away anything. It all comes back.

Judging by the fullness of our hearts right now, this is 1,000% true.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2020!