#CWgoestoGoogle – Google Partners AllStars Summit 2015

More than 500 attendees from 51 countries gathered at the Google Partners AllStars Summit last week, including Crowley Webb, and boy was it worth the jet lag! Google Partners is a program where qualified advertising agencies are provided with direct access to a dedicated Googler for strategic advisement on digital advertising through Google platforms. Early last week, the top Partner agencies were brought out to Google Partners AllStars Summit – a three-day global summit at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Crowley Webb’s attendance allowed us to develop connections with digital media buyers in several countries, including the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Croatia, and Greece. This provided a unique opportunity to discuss the advertising landscape of these countries directly with our international peers.

The summit schedule was packed full of top Googlers sharing their philosophies and strategies for digital marketing, including “moments marketing,” which is a concept that focuses on why an advertiser’s biggest opportunity is in the smallest moment. On average, people check their smartphones 150 times per day, every 7.5 minutes. Although this sounds like a lot, it’s usually quick snippets of time, adding up to only 170 minutes per day. These are brief moments with high intent. For example:

People evaluate purchase decisions in a moment of need.

82% of smartphone users turn to their phones to influence purchase decisions while in a store.

People solve unexpected problems in the moment.

62% of smartphone users are more likely to take action right away toward solving unexpected problems or new tasks because they have smartphones.

People pursue big goals in small moments.

90% of smartphone users have used their phones to make progress toward long-term goals or multi-step processes while “out and about.”

As marketers, it’s our job to:
1. Identify these micro-moments
2. Deliver a solution in the moment
3. Measure the moments that matter

In true Crowley Webb fashion, although we worked hard, we played hard too. We explored the Google campus on bikes, got a taste of the Google culture, witnessed the unveiling of the new Google logo, and got to check out an abundance of Googler perks – including slides, dinosaurs, volleyball courts, and conference-sized bikes. In the evening, we retreated to a San Francisco–themed event in Google’s GARField Park, equipped with remakes of the best San Francisco sites, human-sized hamster balls, and cuisine from around the world.

Google Partners AllStars Summit