Elevator pitches are all the rage these days.

Last week on YouTube, The UPS Store launched a new, three-part reality TV miniseries called The Elevator Pitch. The series was created in partnership with Marcus Lemonis, the billionaire host of CNBC’s The Profit, in an effort to reach out to the company’s small-business customer base.

Each 15-minute episode features three small-business owners pitching their ideas to Lemonis as they ride 24 floors up the Tribune Tower in Chicago. The most compelling pitch wins a $10,000 prize from The UPS Store. Pretty cool, right? Check out the first episode below.

Here at Crowley Webb, we have a deep appreciation of the well-crafted elevator pitch. In fact, we did our own series not too long ago to highlight some of our emerging capabilities. In case you missed them, hop on and take an informative ride with some of our knowledgeable folks. And be sure to stay tuned, as we’ll be releasing new ones in the coming months.