More hard work, more award-winning results.

Last year, we went to work creating and developing a brand-new website for Praxis, our patient recruitment division. And our hard work not only netted a site we’re extremely proud of, it also landed us the 2016 Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Award for Best Pharmaceuticals Website.

(Insert clapping emojis. Four of them. No five.)

So what’s so special about our site? Well, we wanted to be sure it exudes the fact that Praxis is hyper-focused on the patient. It touts an extremely user-friendly layout (as it should). It showcases our jam-packed experience in a format that’s clear and concise. What it doesn’t have are any stuffy researchers in lab coats. We also went in with a mobile-first mentality for the site, ensuring whoever pays a visit has the best possible experience, no matter their device.

And why is this honor so special? The Web Marketing Association’s Internet Advertising Competition is the standards-defining competition for websites. So, yeah, it’s a pretty big deal.

Check out the site for yourself at