Here’s to Matty.

Last night, Crowley Webb attended the ADDY Awards (the advertising award show sponsored by AAF Buffalo), where we celebrated all of the amazing work created in 2017. But that’s not all we celebrated. A personal highlight for us was seeing our very own Matt Low receive the prestigious Joe Crowley Award for Service.

The award recognizes hard work and outstanding achievement in furthering the activities and interests of AAF Buffalo. Not only is Matt a creative director at our agency (and a damn good one at that), but he takes it to the next level by pouring his heart and soul into every project he works on within the walls of our agency and out in the community, too. The AAF Buffalo board is a perfect example. Matt served on the AAF board for five years and was part of the executive board for three of those. Most importantly, he helped turn the board into the dynamic club it is today.

The coolest part? Joe Crowley, one of the founders of our agency (and namesake of this award), believed in this young buck from South Buffalo so much so that he was the one who gave him his first shot in the advertising industry more than 15 years ago. If only he could see you now, Matty. Cheers from all of your pals at CW.