Hey look! The Crowley Webb bikes!

Bikes are big in Buffalo these days. May was National Bike Month, and Buffalo took full advantage with the launch of the Queen City Bike Ferry, The Skyride over the Skyway to benefit GObike Buffalo, and the start of Buffalo Pedal Tours. Well, now Crowley Webb is hitting the road.

We just launched a bike program of our own, where Crowley Webbers can take our new orange beauties for a spin whenever they like. To Canalside, a food truck, the farmers market, or even a client meeting. We know how short and sweet Buffalo summers are, so there’s no better way to break up the day, clear your mind, and get some fresh air than a bike ride.

The bikes, custom built by Republic Bike, were coordinated and assembled by our bike captain Matt McCarthy, and designed by Kelly Gambino.

See you on the streets, and be careful out there!