How we use our skillsets outside the office.

Can working at an ad agency make you a better wedding planner?

Crowley Webb is made up of so many hardworking and talented individuals, all with our own areas of expertise. Ranging from the copy and design chops of our creatives to the mathematicians behind our analytics department, our diverse skillsets at Crowley Webb help make it the well-rounded agency that it is. Aside from shaping the wonderful client work that we produce, these skills come in handy outside the office too.

Here are a few ways Crowley Webbers tap into their professional skills outside the office.


“When I was planning my wedding, I had a number of spreadsheets to keep everything organized. These were not just your everyday spreadsheets; they were color-coordinated, included a slew of long formulas to auto-populate information, and had a couple custom-written formulas. They may have seemed a little overboard to some, but I have since passed them along to a few friends for their wedding planning to help them keep everything organized during the sometimes stressful planning process.”

– Mary Kate Sidoti, Data Analytics Supervisor

Project management.

“Communication is key. Over the past 10 years, I have learned how to communicate and understand different communication styles of others. This learning has been super helpful during the workday but also in my personal life. Whether it be at home, the dog groomer, or even with my neighbors, gaining a sense of how to communicate with new or old acquaintances helps build relationships!”

– Adina Pera, Account Manager


“Before studying graphic design, I loved drawing and painting. The skills are applicable to being a designer, but it was nice to have illustration as a creative outlet outside of work. I bought an iPad to try out digital painting, and immediately loved it. I created illustrated portraits of people’s families and pets as gifts, and soon I started getting additional requests. Now, I create custom illustrations of dogs, cats, and even the occasional horse! It’s been fun to tap into a playful side of art in my free time and learn more about new digital tools available.”

– Katelyn Killoran, Art Director

Public relations.

“The job of a PR professional is to understand a story and figure out the best way to tell it for different audiences. So, when two friends or family members are having a disagreement, I can sometimes step in to help reframe the conversation or help them see the other side of the story.”

– Andrea Gallagher, VP, Public Relations

Media planning/buying.

“For the past 20 years, I’ve worked in some form of media. I love what I do and where it’s taken me. However, one thing I’ve noticed is that it’s also made me a little more critically aware of what’s being presented to me. Watching the news isn’t watching the news. One of the first things I’m doing is checking for graphical errors, mics that were turned on late, people looking at the wrong camera, and missing station IDs. The next thing I pay attention to is the commercials; who’s advertising, what are they saying, why are they saying it, is this the right audience, how much did it cost for a spot there? Lastly, I focus on the news. Needless to say, people don’t enjoy watching the news with me.”

– Andy Kaczorowski, Sr. Media Planner/Buyer