Introducing Crowley Webb science.

(Don’t be intimidated; it’s not brain surgery)

First of all, can we dispel the irony of this article on science being written by an art guy? Second of all, I’m not even an “art guy.” I’m a writer. Way smarter than those art types. Kidding. (Am I?). But why not me? An opinion on our science offering by someone so clearly intrenched in the art side of the house vs. one of those brainiacs who lives and breathes it every day makes total sense. This is scientifically proven. Read on and you be the judge.

But let’s back up a minute. While media planning and placement has been part of the CW repertoire since 1986, how our targeting approach is amplified by data analytics is a relatively new offering of our agency. Back in 2013, we launched a brand new department of one. And that one was truly one-of-a-kind. Andrea Berki-Nnuji came to us with a couple heavyweight degrees and a yearning to grow our research discipline. Fast-forward ten years and Andrea is now the SVP, data analytics, of our agency with a team of eight data-hungry experts who tackle everything research from in-depth interviews and surveys (typically using our very own Sample) to social listening, website analytics, and predictive modeling.

So, we have this insanely smart behemoth of a department. And have already had this other disgustingly intelligent media team. What if we put them in a room, locked the door, threw in some Pop Rocks, and shook it vigorously? And what if we then threw that mixture in a blender with our other disciplines – strategy, creative, digital, PR? Did you see Oppenheimer this past July? Do you have protective eyewear? Do you have protective underwear?

Back to the subject at hand. What’s this wicked science mix of analytics and media all about?

Efficiency is what drives and excites us.
Since we opened our doors, we’ve not only been about killer creative, but also getting clients the biggest bang for the smallest buck. When it comes to paid media, efficiency is everything. And the brand of ours is made all the more, well, efficient by the data mined through our analysts.

Each campaign is a blank slate, and we drill down deep to identify exactly what’s needed to best achieve our set goals. And then we optimize, optimize, optimize. We do just what’s needed to ensure we’re spending wisely and making the most of any new opportunities.

It’s all about fueling our clients’ growth.
Our aim is always a tangible return on investment for the brands we work hard for. And the work we’re putting in here is all about building on what’s performing and cutting out what’s not. Using learnings to create winnings.

Whether it’s increased awareness, leads, or direct sales, we’re constantly checking back to established key performance indicators and ensuring we’re moving the needle. We are laser-focused on achieving big win results for our clients by focusing on what’s truly important to them.

We hold ourselves and our work accountable.
The adage of “fifty percent of my advertising works. I just don’t know which half.” hold about as much water as a mesh water bottle. We want to be right, and when we’re not, we figure out why and then, more importantly, how to fix it. That’s part of the sorcery of science – course correction and correction and correction (we usually don’t need that much).

We constantly measure and monitor our media campaigns, research findings, and data metrics. Having a direct line to our results (good or bad) allows us to determine the best path forward at any point in time.

How we use our tools rules.
The media and analytics tools at our practitioners’ fingertips are super powerful and helpful – and available to anyone in the game. But what sets us apart is how we use our big brainpower to use them to their fullest and really put them to work to make our work better.

We have a wide range of tools that satisfy almost any need, analysis type, and levels of detail. Our team is also regularly tapping additional data sources to give us a full picture of different pieces of our campaigns. We lean into our expertise (and naturally curious disposition) to slice and dice what we are seeing to provide customized insights.

Having it all under one roof saves time, money, and sanity.
We’re one team. Mohit is down the hall from Mary, Andy chats with AJ, Dakotah works with Dale (we don’t have a Dale, but you get the picture). We have formal and informal meetings all the time making our work product better for you. We’re not wasting energy getting people up to speed, we’re all already on the same page. And this makes all the difference.

It’s this collaborative mindset that’s essential to us effectively analyzing and comparing different aspects of our data and focusing our collective energy on driving results for our clients.

As you can probably tell, we’re very excited about this offering and what it means for our clients far and wide. And while it’s not rocket science, it’s still science. And when mixed properly with art, the combination truly makes some hardworking magic. We’d love to tell you more – so grab a lab coat and let’s talk.