Is Threads unraveling? The epic battle of social media downloads.

Ever since Threads launched this past July, we’ve had a showdown in the thrilling world of social media. X (formerly known as Twitter, owned by Elon Musk) and Facebook (now Meta, which owns Instagram [which launched Threads], all owned by Mark Zuckerberg) have a long history of competition. Are you still following me?

Both X and Threads are text-based social media networks that promote open dialogue. Threads is a relatively new entrant into the social media sphere and prides itself on meaningful, moderated public conversations. Threads differentiates itself by focusing on longer-form content and threading conversations seamlessly. On the other hand, X (which has undergone a rebranding to refresh its image) favors free speech with minimal moderation and private conversation through direct messaging.

Wondering how/if either platform can benefit your brand? We’re here to help. Here are some of the key themes and differences:

  1. Content Length: Threads focuses on longer-form content, catering to users who prefer in-depth, thoughtful discussions and interactions. X continues to dominate the real-time information space, ideal for users seeking instant updates.
  2. Content Format: Threads is perfect for brands that wish to share behind-the-scene stories, elaborate on product development processes, or initiate discussions around broader industry trends. With its bite-sized content format, X suits brands aiming for concise announcements, quick updates, or those looking to tap into trending hashtags.
  3. Target Audience: X’s user demographic is more diverse than Threads’ demographic. But, like Threads, most of its users are male, and Gen Z is its largest and fastest-growing segment. Threads is a haven for professionals, thinkers, and those seeking in-depth digital conversations, while X’s versatile audience has universal appeal, making it potentially suitable for any brand.
  4. User Base: So far in April, Threads has averaged an estimated 28 million daily active users (DAU), so people who have opened the app at least once in a 24-hour period. X has averaged 22 million DAUs, a usage rate that’s 21% lower than Threads.
  5. Advertising: X, having evolved from Twitter, boasts a mature advertising infrastructure. Brands can run targeted ad campaigns, sponsored posts, or even promote trending hashtags. Threads is more organic in nature, and so direct advertising opportunities are somewhat limited compared to X.

Choosing between Threads and X isn’t about determining which platform is objectively better, but about understanding which aligns more closely with your brand’s goals and objectives, content strategy, and target audience. We can help define all of this and more for you! Be sure to reach out to our social media team here.