A picture (for the ’Gram) is worth a thousand words.

You can’t go anywhere these days without witnessing the mystical powers of influencer marketing. These influencers are often celebrities using their platform to connect with audiences about not only current events but also various brands and products they endorse. While a post may seem like just another shameless plug, many of these social media personalities gain a following because they are trusted members in their respective fields. As an organization, leveraging influencer outreach has tangible benefits, including engaging followers, driving traffic, and developing brand loyalty. Influencer outreach is a tactic we use for local and global clients alike. So we asked some of our PR and media folks who would be their dream influencer to work with and why. Let’s see what they said!


Sarah Jessica Parker@sarahjessicaparker

“I’m a huge fan of SJP. When posting to Instagram, she maintains a healthy balance between her personal life and her business ventures. She not only shares her love of books, NYC, and of course, great shoes, but she also uses the platform to promote her latest partnerships (including Stella Artois’s #PourItForward campaign) and takes time to engage with followers regarding her successful footwear line, SJP Collection.” – Jillian Hammell, PR account manager


George Resch/Tank Sinatra@tanksgoodnews

“My favorite social media influencer is George Resch, a.k.a. Tank Sinatra. He’s my favorite because his whole account is dedicated to celebrating positive things and good news, which tend to be few and far between online. His posts aren’t typically about major or national news events, but rather small acts of kindness or uplifting happenings. He also uses his platform to encourage his followers to do good deeds, such as donating blood, adopting shelter pets, and being kind to one another. His posts always put a smile on my face.” – Anna DiRienzo, assistant media planner/buyer


Chrissy Teigen@chrissyteigen

“For anyone who doesn’t know who Chrissy Teigen is, I’m very sorry. If you’re still in the dark, Chrissy is a supermodel, cookbook author, and TV host, as well as the wife of musician John Legend. She has a huge social media following – but what is it that makes her so remarkable? Her presence on social media makes us feel like she’s just like the rest of us, which gives her power as an influencer. She’s relatable, she’s real, and she’s unfiltered. You know that if Chrissy is endorsing a brand or a product, she truly believes in it. For example, take her partnership with Pampers: she posts about them constantly, but the content is so authentic, you wouldn’t even know it was a partnership if she didn’t #Partner. I just love her!” – Paige Lamparelli, PR account manager


Kensington Palace and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex@kensingtonroyal, @sussexroyal

“It’s a tie. I think it’s so fascinating to see how the famously media-/social media–averse British Royal Family have adopted Instagram to offer a peek into their world. It’s still TBD just how much the Fab Four *actually* manage these accounts, but I like to pretend they do! (Side note: If you’re a royal enthusiast like me and not following @eholmes, you’re doing it wrong. She’s a style reporter who uses Instagram stories to provide commentary on Kate’s and Meghan’s style choices . . . plus she’s #TeamBoth.) Honorable mention: @lizzobeeating.” – Andrea Gallagher, PR director


Liam Payne@liampayne

“My favorite celebrity influencer is Liam Payne. He uses his platform to speak on issues he’s passionate about, including women’s and LGBTQ+ rights. He recently teamed up with HUGO BOSS and created his own collection. When he works with brands or companies, his social media posts are entertaining and truly influence you to look deeper into the product or service. He is always responding to fans’ comments, liking their posts, and interacting with them in unique ways. Liam is humble and thankful for his platform, and he makes that known on Twitter (@LiamPayne) after every event he does.” – Tia Piotrowski, PR intern


Will Smith@willsmith

“Will keeps it real, posting a lot of lighthearted video content and poking fun at himself and his family, but he also goes deep into self-reflection. I highly recommend checking out his highlights reel for some perspective on self-love, discipline, and happiness.” – Jessica Carroll, associate media director


Jen Gotch@jengotch

“Jen has a great Instagram account where she covers it all – dancing, mental health, body image, some fashion, and just life in general. She keeps it real and I appreciate it.” – Dorothy Bleuer, senior media planner/buyer


Who’s your favorite influencer? Message us at @crowleywebb on Instagram or Twitter and let us know!