November social updates: Fake news, Instagram live video, LinkedIn Salary.

November was an exciting month in the social media sphere: Facebook says, “It’s complicated” regarding fake news, and Twitter and Instagram are slowly morphing into Snapchat. Here’s a quick review of the most recent platform updates.

Facebook takes a step to combat fake news.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has come under intense criticism since the presidential election, largely because of the prevalence of fake news on the social platform. Earlier this month, Zuck published a detailed post (on Facebook, surprisingly) describing ways the company is considering dealing with the problem. This includes third-party verification services, better automated detection tools, and simpler ways for users to flag suspicious content. Read his full post here.

Twitter adds QR codes.

Because sometimes clicking the “Follow” button is too hard, right? The social network added a new feature to its app that allows you to follow other users by scanning QR codes linked to their profiles. It works just like Snapchat’s Snap Codes: Just pull up the new in-app camera to scan another user’s code.

LinkedIn introduces its own salary calculator.

The company introduced a new tool, called LinkedIn Salary, that lets users anonymously submit and view salary information across fields. The useful feature is available to all LinkedIn members – not just premium members.

Snapchat inks a deal with Foursquare for better location targeting.

Snap Inc. just signed a deal with the location intelligence company to power its geofilters, which are the place-specific graphics users can overlay on their photos. The new partnership will allow Snapchat to zero in on a specific building within a broader space, like a particular building on a college campus (e.g., the Carrier Dome at Syracuse University). Additionally, Snap filed for an IPO earlier this month for the modest amount of $25 billion, making it one of the highest-profile stock debuts in years.

Instagram’s new features make it even more like Snapchat.

Instagram’s latest update introduces live video and a feature that allows you to send disappearing photos and videos privately. Last week, the world discovered that the ’gram also sends a notification when someone takes a screenshot of your private disappearing photo. So now you know.

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