Painting the walls a little more Evergreen.

A few years back, Evergreen Health approached us with a desire to launch a new brand campaign – one that would reflect their mission of providing inclusive, supportive, and accessible care to underserved patients across Western New York.

After doing a deep dive into Evergreen to better understand their ins, outs, and offerings, we determined that they could be summed up with one very important word: Unconditional. This one word served as our tagline. Our campaign. Our everything.

Fast forward to 2023. Evergreen was ready to refresh the campaign with a goal of attracting more primary care patients. After a little brainstorming, we knew exactly what we needed to help make it happen.

A picture-perfect refresh.

First, we conducted a photoshoot to capture more patient populations. We sought out the talent of all backgrounds – and even tapped real Evergreen patients to ensure we were featuring the people being served every day. We used all the great images captured to freshen up Evergreen billboards and bus shelters around WNY.


Updated brand TV spots.

We revisited the original brand TV spots we created for Evergreen and decided they could benefit from some updating too.

We captured so much content at our video shoot from the first set of spots that we didn’t need to reshoot anything – we took the foundation we already built for the Unconditional spots and livened them up with some new-to-the-world footage.


Creating a more welcoming environment.

Our team also worked to create warmer, more patient-friendly environments for Evergreen’s 800 Hertel and Jamestown locations.

To convey a welcoming atmosphere in which every patient can see themselves, we created environmental signage that features photography from our campaign. In rooms designated for pediatric patients, we developed colorful artwork. And, of course, we incorporated “Unconditional,” too, both in English and Spanish.

We’re honored to help Evergreen expand their mission and reach across Western New York. And we’re hopeful that this campaign refresh is successful in allowing potential patients to connect with providers who care for them unconditionally.

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