Making a Monster: Introducing Petey Power Play!

The 2019 11 Day Power Play is just around the corner, and here at Crowley Webb we hold this event near and dear to our hearts. From naming and branding the world’s longest hockey game back in 2016 to watching it grow to nearly 2,900 players, we’ve loved having the opportunity to contribute to the evolution of this incredible cause.

We’ve made billboards, posters, and even giant hockey sticks for the event in the past. But this year, the 11 Day Power Play’s fearless leaders, Mike and Amy Lesakowski, had something bigger than ever in mind: a mascot!

As ad people, we just relish an opportunity like this, so we rolled up our sleeves and quickly got to work deciding what kind of creature/thing/loveable character would be worthy of representing such a special cause. After many meetings and lots of work with a mascot design company, Petey Power Play was born!

From his flowing hockey-bro mullet and crooked toothy grin to his massive monster feet, Petey will warm the hearts of all who spend those 11 summer days in the chilly HARBORCENTER.

So stop by anytime July 5–15 to come support this year’s players and give our flamboyantly ferocious new friend a hug! And if you’d like to know more about how you can get involved, visit