Prep to be inspired.

Crowley Webb’s involvement with Buffalo Prep goes back more than two decades, when Joe Crowley became one of the organization’s first board members. Ever since, we’ve supported their incredible mission of preparing promising, underrepresented students for success in college-prep high schools and higher education. We’ve happily helped with logo design, invitations, brochures – you name it. And I’ve been lucky enough to carry on the legacy Joe started by serving on the Buffalo Prep board since 2014.

Now, I’ve served on a number of boards for some great organizations. But there’s something about Prep, its mission, its staff, and the kids they serve that is unlike anything I’ve ever been involved with. The work they do and the students they help are really making a difference in so many lives. And the board is all-in. I’ve never been part of a more involved group, where every member is inspired and invested. What a difference that makes.

Last night, a number of us from Crowley Webb attended Buffalo Prep’s Celebration of Achievement, which is essentially the graduation ceremony for the senior class. It was a beautiful and emotional night at Kleinhans, where everyone learned more about the students, their dreams, and where they’re going to college (100% of the class, by the way). It’s also the organization’s major fundraiser, in which the community comes together to support the cause. In order to help the audience better understand the impact Buffalo Prep has on its students’ lives, Crowley Webb created a documentary that tells the story of three dedicated students. Through the production process, we really got to know these kids, understand the obstacles they’ve overcome, and realize just how special they are.

Take a look, if you haven’t already (maybe through a few tears), and be as inspired as I am.

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