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The warmer weather is the perfect excuse to celebrate! Let’s raise a toast to these 12 amazing Crowley Webb and Praxis employees who were promoted in 2023, marking significant milestones in their careers. Better late than never, right?

Malina Creighton has been promoted to project manager. Malina joined Praxis in 2022 and, since then, has been an absolute superstar. Her dedication, attention to detail, and thoughtfulness in all that she does to support our sponsors is truly unmatched. On top of being a great addition to her team, Malina’s positive attitude and upbeat personality leave a mark on everyone she works with. We’re thrilled to recognize Malina and her hard work as she takes this next step in her career.

Ben Woody has been promoted to director of photography. Where would our video department be without Ben? His keen eye, flexibility, and remarkable technical expertise have all been instrumental in shaping the success and growth of our video department over the past two years. Whether he’s capturing the eagerly awaited annual paper football recap video or any of the impressive client projects for ESAB and M&T, Ben consistently delivers brilliance when the camera is in his hand. As we wait for the next masterpiece from Ben and the entire video department, we’re excited to see his creative mind evolve in the next phase of his career

Mary Cormier has been promoted to associate media director. Over a decade ago, Mary started as an account executive at Crowley Webb before transitioning to her role in the media department. Since then, Mary has been a natural leader. And when she’s not off running marathons, she’s effectively balancing her responsibilities, ensuring success for her clients and the agency as a whole. We’re confident Mary’s leadership will continue to propel the media department to new heights. Cheers, Mary!

Mackensie Germony has been promoted to lead digital project manager. Mackensie has added tremendous value since she started with the agency in 2022. If you’ve worked with her, you’ve probably noticed how organized, dedicated, and genuinely funny she is. In her new role, Mackensie orchestrates small- and large-scale digital projects for our clients and oversees the work of other digital project managers. We are lucky to have Mackensie as a valuable member of our agency!

Dakotah Walsh has been promoted to senior data analyst. Dakotah joined the agency with a diverse professional background that ranged from dog training to mortgage processing to market research. Dakotah’s experience has helped fine-tune their skills in primary research, survey design, and research statistics. They also thrive on challenges, diving deep into each project to become a “mini-expert,” delivering top-notch results for our clients. Dakotah’s a rock star for our analytics team, and we are very grateful to have them on our side!

Anna Molitor has been promoted to project manager. Since joining Praxis as a project coordinator in 2021, Anna has consistently demonstrated her unwavering commitment to teamwork. It’s no surprise that Anna has a passion for mentoring and training her fellow team members, which showcases her dedication to growth and success within her department. Additionally, Anna is always eager to learn new things and take on new challenges. Who wouldn’t want Anna on their team?

Kayla LaForest has been promoted to senior project manager. Known for her reliability, Kayla is frequently sought after as the go-to person on her team, always ready to offer assistance. Her ability to remain organized and detail oriented is crucial in meeting client expectations. Outside of work, Kayla dedicates her time serving as a board member of Field and Fork, aiding those facing food insecurity. It’s evident why everyone at Crowley Webb and Praxis feels fortunate to collaborate with her. Congrats, Kayla!

Gina Marinelli has been promoted to senior account manager. Anyone who’s had the pleasure of working with Gina knows she’s a force to be reckoned with – hardworking, passionate, and sharp. Her ability to solve problems, combined with her exceptional communication skills and ability to handle multiple projects, allows her to consistently deliver top-notch results for her clients. On top of all that, she now holds the reins to managing Crowley Webb’s Resource Center. We’re super excited for Gina and all the amazing things she’ll continue to do at Crowley Webb!

Rosalind Eaton has been promoted to copy supervisor. Eight years ago, Rosalind joined the creative department at Crowley Webb. From day one, she seamlessly meshed into the agency’s hardworking and upbeat culture. Over the years, Rosalind has flourished in her role, now overseeing all copy produced within the agency – a monumental task considering the amount of copy we generate. Rosalind continues to remain actively involved in crafting concepts and writing for a range of clients, including Highmark, M&T Bank, AAA of WNY, and numerous Praxis clients. Bravo, Rosalind!

Courtney Walczak has been promoted to media supervisor. Courtney has been an essential member of our agency’s media team for more than six years. She consistently demonstrates leadership and subject matter expertise, which allows her to strategize across all types of media, both digital and traditional. As media supervisor, Courtney actively oversees media strategy and campaign execution across several clients, with a core focus on all things Praxis. When she’s not busy delivering for our clients, you’ll find her enjoying a 60-mile bike ride up the sunny coast of Florida.

Kit Kuebler has been promoted to senior copywriter. Immediately, Kit showed she’s a rock-solid conceptual writer, handling everything from patient recruitment campaigns to talking to farmers and football fans with ease. As she stepped into her new role as senior copywriter, Kit took the lead on major clients like M&T Bank, ESAB, Arrow, Alleghany Services, and more. And if this weren’t enough, Kit also serves on the AAF Buffalo board. Kit’s the real deal – she can do it all, and she does it really, really well.

Hannah Luterek has been promoted to copywriter. In the two years since she became part of our agency and entered the industry, Hannah has consistently demonstrated exceptional talent and creativity, establishing a benchmark for young writers. As she continues to evolve and flourish in her role, Hannah will play a pivotal role in contributing to clients such as the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo and M&T Bank and to many pro bono and Praxis projects.

We’ll keep celebrating these exceptional individuals all year long – after all, they’ve earned it. If you’re interested in joining our dynamic team, don’t hesitate to explore the current openings on our careers page!