Tap into valuable patient insights with qualitative research.

Mary Kate Sidoti

Mary Kate Sidoti

Data Analytics Manager

For patients today, the world is at their fingertips. They can research ailments, doctors, and treatment options, and modern technology empowers them to play a more active role in their healthcare. Research shows that people are more satisfied with their care when doctors get to know them beyond just their medical needs.

This patient-centered approach is equally important for healthcare marketers. To reach patients and motivate them, we must know them. Deeply. We can then tailor our marketing efforts in a way that aligns with their lifestyles and mind-sets. This is where qualitative research comes in.

Our latest whitepaper demonstrates how to:

  • Find and utilize in-depth historical information to better understand patients’ thoughts and behaviors and the reasons behind both
  • Uncover emotional insights that drive patient decision making
  • Perform comprehensive, in-person research and identify nonverbal cues
  • Conduct the two overarching types of qualitative research, which are focus groups and in-depth interviews (IDIs)
  • Derive invaluable insights on new advertising directly from patients you’re targeting

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