Soaring through the playoffs.

For more than 20 years, our client M&T has been the Official Bank of the Baltimore Ravens. And while we may be 716-based here at Crowley Webb, there’s a special place in our hearts for our friends in the 410. So when the Ravens blessed us with a Merry Clinchmas this December, it was time for us to get to work promoting their playoff run.

Flocking together.

Just as the Bills have their Mafia, the Ravens have their Flock. To celebrate this camaraderie, we created free Flock Together banners for fans to intercept at M&T Bank branches, along with promotional TV spots, billboards, digital ads, and social posts encouraging fans to fly ’em high for all of Charm City to see.

The 30,000 banners were also distributed during the divisional round game at M&T Bank Stadium. To create even more excitement, we ran a special promotion called The Lucky Ticket Trade-In where five random fans received a ticket in addition to their banner that could be traded in for autographed Ravens merch.


Rallying around the Ravens.

Leading up to the championship game against Kansas City, M&T held a pep rally for Baltimore-area employees. We designed Flock Together coloring posters as well as special edition stickers for the event.


Spreading our wings.

Earlier in the season, we commissioned Baltimore-based artist Michael Owen to paint two commemorative wings murals celebrating the bank’s 20-year partnership with the Ravens. In the postseason, one of these murals became the backdrop to a promotional hype video as well as a TV spot starring some beloved superfans that served as a love letter to the Flock and all of Baltimore.


Living in the moment.

Last but certainly not least, we continued with one of our favorite in-season tactics: pre- and post-game digital billboards. A copywriter’s dream, these boards hype up any fan who sees them on the highway.

First championship at The Bank. First. Not last.

Dancing into the championship round like 🕺🕺🕺

When your city is its own good luck charm

While the Ravens season stopped just short of the big game, we couldn’t B-more proud of yet another inspiring season with the Flock. Countdown to kickoff starts now!