Recognizing three Crowley Webb standouts.

One analytics master and two patient recruitment aces were recently promoted here at Crowley Webb, so let’s take a moment to sing their praises.

Brett Perla has been promoted to senior analyst. Coming up on his three-year anniversary at Crowley Webb, Brett is our go-to when it comes to website analytics. He now takes on increased management responsibilities in his new role, including delegating web analytics tasks. In his free time, Brett can be found playing at local venues with his band, and we honestly feel cooler just knowing him.

Kelly Lavelle has been promoted to senior project manager within Praxis, our patient recruitment division. Heading into her fifth year at Praxis, Kelly now takes on additional client responsibilities and key leadership roles with some of the division’s most significant accounts. She’s a sweet soul with killer project management skills (earning the nickname Kelly “Killer” Lavelle), and we’re thankful to have this lovely lady on our team.

Anna DiRienzo has been promoted to project manager within Praxis. She’s graced us with her presence and bulletproof work for three years, and in her new position, she takes on a more client-facing role. Anna is the consistent day-to-day contact for her clients and now leads many internal meetings. She’s a company kickball master with an infectious laugh and a positive attitude, and we’re glad she’s one of us.

Bravo, Brett, Kelly, and Anna!