Recognizing two in our production department.

Cue applause in recognition of two Crowley Webb stalwarts. We’re happy to share the recent promotions in our production department.

MaryKroll In her nearly 11 years at Crowley Webb, Mary Kroll has been a key player in ensuring that our finished creative product lives up to its full potential. Her promotion to senior production manager is a resounding recognition of her phenomenal contribution to the agency and willingness to work hard. We’re definitely lucky to have her.
MattMcCarthyWith a clear eye and a positive perspective, Matt McCarthy is ideally suited for his new role as production manager. When he’s not found taking on production tasks of every color, he can be found fly-fishing, killing it at trivia around our kitchen table, or talking Sabres hockey with anyone interested in his brilliant points of view.


A huge congrats to Mary and Matt!