Some fonts that have our hearts.

As a copywriter, I work in black, Arial, 10-point font most of my days. And while I love a perfectly formatted, clean-cut deck, it can’t touch how words come to life in a fancy font. So, with today being Valentine’s Day, I asked some of my dear designer friends to take a minute to share their favorite romantic fonts from our library. Get ready to swoon.

“Brioche by Jessica Hische (Queen of All the Letters) is as romantic as it gets. Seemingly modeled after a Jane Austen heroine, Brioche is mannered but not frilly. She’s as delicate as she is fierce, and with a few witty alternate glyphs and swashes, she will prove that she’s no one-dimensional damsel in distress.” – Lillian Selby-Pawloski, Senior Art Director

“Univers is the thoughtful type, giving its designer the attention he or she deserves. And with so many weights and styles to choose from – 44 to be exact – a relationship with Univers will never go stale. Univers is the typeface for designers who seek long-term love with the thrill of variety.” – Amanda Widzinski, Assistant Art Director

“It doesn’t get more romantic than the delicate, perfectly curved swashes of Santis. Couple that with the contrast of thin serifs and thick letterforms, and I’m smitten.” – Nicole Reinard, Art Director

“When I need something that’s emotional, playful, or romantic, I always try Feel Script. It’s a contemporary take on a script with a more handwritten quality. But Feel Script will never replace my first real love: Gotham.” – Katie Hazel, Creative Supervisor


“What’s more romantic than a script font that has your husband’s name in it?” – Kelly Sirianno, Associate Creative Director