Spotlight on Jean Fletcher (for a change).

Jean Fletcher has been a pivotal figure at Crowley Webb for 27 years, although few truly realize it. All she did was manage the banking, payroll, investments, 401(k), healthcare benefits, legal, insurance, and every other financial and HR relationship. Oh yeah, she also planned pretty much every CW event, of which there were plenty. While we were busy doing our thing, Jean was working away behind the scenes. While we got the accolades, Jean was quietly going about her business – offering good advice to her partners and the young people at the agency alike.

Well, it’s time to give the credit where it’s due. You simply cannot run a good business without good businesspeople. And Jean has been just that. A constant in a sea of variables.

So, just for a moment, let’s swing the spotlight around and recognize Jean Fletcher for who she is, and what she’s meant to us for nearly three decades. Nothing less than the glue that has held this whole damn thing together.

Now Jean has stepped ashore to try her hand at retirement. We’re pretty sure she’ll be great at that too. And, of course, her son John has learned at her side, so the agency won’t miss a beat.

Which means there is only one thing left to say – best wishes from your Crowley Webb family, Jean. We’re all in your debt.

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