Target named a top marketer by Ad Age.

When’s the last time you heard someone say they love going to Walmart? Never? Me neither. But they sell deodorant and vacuums and toys just like Target, so what makes Target spark joy for so many? Well, for starters, they’re really friggin’ good at marketing – especially when it comes to the customer experience. I mean, just ask Ad Age, who recently gave Tar-Jay the number two spot on their Marketers of the Year list for this very reason.

Target isn’t just a store, it’s a brand. A brand that understands its strengths and its audiences, and plays to both really, really well. And a big part of that strategy is the in-store experience. Do you want to drink Starbucks while you buy things you don’t need? You got it. Don’t have time to make a separate trip to Ulta? We’ll just put one in the store. Can’t afford to buy designer duds? We’ll have them do a special line only available at our stores and sell it to you for one-fifth the price. Shall I go on?

I know, I love Target more than most.

But even if you’re #TeamAmazon, you have to admit when it comes to marketing, Target hits the bullseye. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)