Our top favorite taglines of all time (and why).

Taglines. Companies love them. Customers occasionally notice them. Some ad pros think they’re outdated or passé. But when done right, they have real power. And that’s often really difficult to accomplish. Expressing a complex emotional concept…in just a couple of words, while at the same time being clever, fun, or witty, isn’t easy.  But here are some companies that pulled it off. We asked our copy department to share their top favorite taglines and why. Take a look.


Kearney Erhard, copywriter: New York Lottery’s “Hey, You Never Know”

“Instantly you start to daydream about what you would do if you won the lottery. Very few taglines have that emotional draw. It’s just perfect.”


Matt Low, VP creative director: EA Games’ “Challenge Everything”

“This short-lived tagline for the preeminent sports video game producer has really stuck with me. On its surface, it speaks directly to the heart of what sports is all about – competition. Then there’s the addition of ‘everything.’ It’s not only a nod to the vastness of their offering, but also an invitation to question what you think a sports video game – or any video game, for that matter – should be. EA Games has been an innovator since day one, and this tagline fits that perfectly. Too bad they abandoned it so quickly.” 


Liz Mattingly, associate creative director: JetBlue’s “You above All” and DeBeers’ “A Diamond Is Forever”

“I love lines that have double meanings.”


Rosalind Cardone, copywriter: TOMS’ “One for One”

“I think it does a great job of communicating the brand’s humanitarian efforts in a simple way and gives off an immediate positive impression of TOMS.”


Amanda Lumadue, copy editor/proofreader: Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef?”

“It’s my favorite because the little old lady who said it was adorable, and my dad’s imitation of said lady is hilarious. Always gives me a chuckle when I hear it!”


Natasha Ghosh, content strategist: American Red Cross’s “The Greatest Tragedy Is Indifference”

“I love this tagline because it captures the very essence of their target audience and resonates with them in a manner that demands action and calmly conveys urgency – which honestly fascinates me! Every time I read that tagline, it inspires me to act on eliminating indifference.”


Well, there ya have it. Have a favorite advertising slogan you want to tell us about? Let us know your thoughts.