WNY ADDYs wrap up: one impactful night.

Well that was fun.

Each year, Crowley Webb attends the local advertising award show. We get all gussied up and excited to see colleagues and who won what for what. We cheer wildly. We laugh. We take home our fair share of lucite. We reflect on all the hard work we put in the year prior.

And every four years or so, we have the honor of theming the show – and basically handling every detail that goes along with that. This year, we settled on wrestling. Partly because this business can be a struggle – fighting for more time, fighting for our ideas, all that. Mostly because a good number of folks at our agency are huge professional-wrestling fans.

The stage was set last night at RiverWorks. The stage literally a wrestling ring. Honors were doled out. Speeches were given to wild cheers. Adrenaline (and beer) flowed. Heavy metal blared. An actual wrestling match took place to cap off the night. It wasn’t the formal event all we’re all used to – which was an excellent thing.

And by the end of the night, I’m proud to say, we walked away with the most awards of any agency in town. A fitting tribute to what we do and whom we do it for –and a powerful incentive to keep it up.

So here’s to the night that was. And to those clients for whom we took home awards – HEALTHeLINK, NIOGA, the Darwin Martin House, Buffalo Prep, Buffalo Arts Studio, Spring Garden Association, Friends of Night People, and Praxis. You’re all solid tag team partners.