How CW’s consumer panel can help your business.

Quick – how many people do you know who identify as female, live in Erie County, and have a 4-year college degree? Now how many of them enjoy DIY as a hobby? Got your number? Great!

If your answer to the above is “None, no, three, maybe? Is Jessie still in that knitting club?” You need Sample, Crowley Webb’s in-house consumer panel.

We’ve Got Friends in Niche Places

Not only do we know 23 of these fine DIY-loving folks (78 if you take out education level), we also have the capability to find out how many of them use Instagram on at least a daily basis, and prefer this platform for finding new products and services they’re interested in, including yours.

In 2023 alone we received 860 completed survey responses. That’s 860 voices to help our clients best connect with the people who are important to them. And it’s not just for typical sales customers – we’ve gotten feedback on everything from interest in live musical performances to the process by which people job hunt.

Security is Our Highest Priority

All survey data is hosted on an airtight cloud server with stringent access restrictions in place. We take data privacy and security extremely seriously, thanks to our in-house expert John Fletcher and a team of specialized, HIPAA-certified analysts. Any personal information that our panelists share with us is strictly confidential and is only used to communicate about rewards, upcoming surveys, and support requests. We do not share, sell, or send data to other companies – including our clients. All our research is based on aggregated data, which means we look at results in a group to identify similarities and differences – never at the individual level. And any quotes we use are anonymized or paraphrased for our respondents’ privacy. This is all outlined in our privacy policy.

We Listened – Now What?

There are no wrong answers when the possibilities are endless. Here’s a handful of ways you can use our panel to the fullest:

  • Logo design comparison testing
  • Feasibility for new business ventures
  • Awareness and perception tracking
  • Validating in-depth interview insights with a broader audience
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Segmenting your current customer base into personas to better understand them (and find where new customers are likely to be)
  • User interface testing for website layouts

Got any other ideas? We’d love to hear them. And if you haven’t already joined Sample yourself, we’d love to have you. The panel is open to all adults in the United States, and you can even earn Amazon gift cards for your participation!