University of Louisville

Greater health by doing good.


The messaging for a clinical trial recruitment campaign – whether it’s for diabetes or Crohn’s disease – is often centered around helping patients explore their treatment options. But what about the messaging for a study of healthy people?


When the Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute at the University of Louisville came to us with the HEAL Study – a community health study exploring how urban greening can positively impact the health of a neighborhood and the people who live there – we knew we were going to have to reevaluate our usual approach to recruitment.


The study involved potential long-term health benefits, neighborhood improvements, and customary incentives for clinical data collection. However, these weren’t going to provide enough immediate gratification to convince 700 healthy participants to enroll. Instead, our messaging relied on altruism to do the heavy lifting, and so the “Greater Health by Doing Good” campaign was born.

In addition to creating a logo, we executed a series of print materials, guerilla tactics, and digital efforts to remind our audience that participating in the HEAL Study could help their children, their neighbors, and even future generations.



Within two weeks, campaign efforts drove 1,367 website visits (a traffic increase of 391%) and more than 80 survey completions. Now that recruitment has ended, we’re excited to follow along to see the results over the next five years.