We don’t collect data for data’s sake. We take a hard look at web analytics, database management, research, media analysis, predictive analytics, linguistic analysis, and more to form the story behind the numbers. We draw important conclusions and identify opportunities. Piece of cake to our analysts.

Social listening

Social listening is today’s focus group. It’s essentially eavesdropping on social media conversations in a fancy way. Using sophisticated software, we collect and analyze real-time conversations across social platforms to tap into current and potential customer impressions. It’s incredibly powerful stuff.

Linguistic analysis

Simply put, linguistic analysis tracks language to offer a better understanding of what people care about most. We answer questions about what people like and dislike and how it all relates to your brand and customers. Sometimes it’s a gut check, sometimes it’s a reality check, but each time it’s invaluable.

Web analytics

How are people getting to your website? How long are they staying? What are they looking for? What searches are bringing them to you? Behind the pretty face of any website is a ton of information about browsing habits. We use every bit of information to more effectively direct user actions when they visit your website.

Primary qualitative research

This tactic always gets to the heart of matters. In-depth interviews provide invaluable insight into thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. Their flexible structure allows for pivots onto new topics. And because interviewees have the freedom to express themselves, these discussions can even uncover new topics and thus greater understanding.

Primary quantitative research

We dive deep into the minds of your audience for proper segmentation and persona development. How? We design and program questionnaires with large, representative samples that ensure accuracy, perform statistical tests, and visualize data so you know exactly what we’ve found.

Predictive analytics

We’re big believers that the best predictor of future behavior is what’s happened in the past. This is the crux of predictive analytics. Studying the past makes it much easier to make strategic, informed business decisions – and save big bucks along the way.

Sample: A consumer panel

We tap into the minds of consumers – and then give them more than a penny for their thoughts. Sample is our proprietary consumer panel, which we use to create insightful, efficient paths to learn about participants’ opinions, purchase habits, and usage behaviors.

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