Evergreen Health



Every day, Evergreen Health strives to provide inclusive, supportive, and completely accessible care to underserved patients across Western New York. No matter what. So when the organization came to us seeking a new brand campaign, our goal was to make patients who have yet to experience Evergreen’s unwavering commitment to the community feel safe, valued, and welcomed before they ever set foot through their clinic doors.


After doing a deep dive into Evergreen to better understand their ins, outs, and offerings, we determined that their warm, charismatic people and crucial medical services could be summed up with one very important word: Unconditional. This became our tagline. Our campaign. Our everything.

To help bring the campaign to life, we called upon friends, family, and local talent representative of the populations Evergreen serves for a photo and video shoot capturing these individuals as their true, authentic selves. We then paired this content with a new brand anthem to create television spots, out-of-home placements, and on-premise signage. We also leveraged syndicated research to meet patients where they’re at through dating app and social media advertising.


Both internally and externally, the response to the new brand campaign was astounding. And while the tagline “Unconditional” may be new, it is simply a word expressing the inclusive, approachable care Evergreen has provided underrepresented populations since the day they opened their doors. We’re honored to help spread this word as Evergreen continuously expands and evolves to better serve the ever-changing healthcare needs of our community and beyond. Though we’re just getting started, we’ve already generated an estimated 38,082,193 total impressions through our broadcast, out-of- home, social media, dating app, and search engine tactics.