We believe that the placement of your message is just as important as what it’s saying. That’s why for each and every campaign, we wipe the media slate clean and take a fresh look at whom we’re talking to, their media consumption habits, and how best to reach them.

Media Research

Research guides all. We use a variety of tools to identify target audiences, assess media consumption, and analyze consumer behavior. Only after we’ve completed the research phase do we start crafting the message itself and determining how and where that message should be placed.

Planning and placement

Based on client input, research, and goals, we’re able to seek out the most efficient media buys across traditional and digital channels. And you’ll be right in the mix, working with us on everything from media vendor selection and schedules to rates, spot trafficking, and conversion tracking.

Reporting and optimizing

Once launched, we monitor all mediums, identify top performers as well as new opportunities, and adjust accordingly. We can also create custom reports to make sure every metric you want measured is reported back, how and when you want it.

Media implementation

You name it, we’ve done it. We’ve executed plans utilizing every medium available – using digital tactics like programmatic, mobile, native, display, paid search, social media, and online video, as well as more traditional tactics like newspapers, billboards, radio, and TV.