Lead generation and scalability.


Prior to working with Crowley Webb, FreedomCare was unable to grow leads beyond a certain level. They couldn’t identify reasons why or determine what paid media was working best on their own, despite spending a significant amount on paid media and investing in tracking tools. This resulted in them coming to us to serve as their strategic paid media and analytics partner. We needed to help demystify FreedomCare’s current media efforts and build an approach to significantly boost lead generation throughout all markets in New York State while providing informed, actionable insights along the way.


In collaboration with our client, we completed a full attribution analysis to ensure all tactics (paid, organic, direct) were structured in a way to yield maximum insights. Based on our understanding of all the data available from sources including Google Analytics, CallRail, Salesforce, Facebook, and broadcast media, it was determined that a custom metrics tracker would be highly beneficial to achieve FreedomCare’s goals. This metrics tracker enabled us to have accurate attribution by tactic, hold paid media even more accountable, and provide projection and predictive analysis that allowed for paid media to better support business needs.

Essentially, the structure we built – and that FreedomCare still uses today – allows for the business to be intelligently scalable. With the custom metrics tracker gaining more intelligence on paid media and marketing overall, FreedomCare now has the capability to create projection funnels and use predictive analytics to help guide future growth into new states.



Immediate lead gen gains occurred with higher efficiency through our negotiating process, allowing for a greater ROI for every dollar spent on paid media. Paid media transparency and attribution was fully built out in the metrics tracker – contributing to the paid media strategy within the first six months of our engagement. Since our involvement with FreedomCare, the overall lead gen has reached 11x what it was at the onset, with ambitions of further growth in 2023. FreedomCare has also become one of the top CDPAPs in New York State and has been able to intelligently grow into new states. Today, the company is operating in NY, MO, NV, PA, IN, and AZ, with an eye on increasing their strength in all states and adding even more to their portfolio.