Public relations

Today’s public relations isn’t your grandfather’s public relations. There are a ton of new ways to build relationships with the right audiences and deliver messages tailored for each. And they’re evolving all the time. But it’s all about portraying your brand in the best light at every turn.

Influencer outreach

More and more, people are turning to their social networks for info. But with everyone talking at once, it’s not nearly as easy as it once was to be heard. One way is to work with trusted folks who already have a following, using their clout to get your messages out there. When executed effectively, the payoff can be huge.

Media relations

The media can be your worst enemy or your best bud. And it can take years to build positive, trusting relationships. To get you there, we’ll help with strategy and message development, news and editorial writing, press conferences, special events, media tracking, and spokesperson training.

Community relations

Being on good terms with your community has amazing benefits for your business. And there are many ways to get out there – from event planning and management, sponsorships, and educational outreach to press conferences, public meetings, tradeshows, and special exhibits. It sounds like a lot because it is.

Reputation management

Today, everyone has a platform to speak out about experiences with brands – good or bad. So it’s imperative to always have an ear to the ground for what’s being said about your company. We’ll help by developing communication policies, corporate identity and cause marketing programs, as well as providing training to key members of your team.