The Sweeney Building

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After taking the leap and purchasing the building where Crowley Webb has spent 26 of our 30 years in business, we went to work rebranding the space. We pored over century-old records at the Buffalo History Museum and discovered the Sweeney Company Department Store had occupied the building in the early 1900s and was one of the longest-standing tenants. “The Sweeney Building” was born. From there, we tackled logo design, outdoor signage, and a brand new website. Our inspiration for the logo came from exploring designs of the Sweeney era. Back then, logos weren’t driven by simplicity like so many are today. Rather, it was about fitting as much into a logo as possible. So we incorporated multiple typefaces and created a monogram that can stand alone, if need be. We also traced design elements from the façade of our building to create an enticing visual that reflects the details of the craftwork. We pulled it all together into a logo that couldn’t be more fitting for the building it represents.