Opening doors.


Now more than ever, prospective college students want the promise of a job after graduation. They want to know that the school (and the program) they choose will help them land a position in their desired field. So when it came time to develop a new awareness campaign on behalf of Monroe Community College, we knew we had to answer this point in an intriguing and thoughtful way.

In working with Monroe Community College, we’ve witnessed firsthand just how inspiring of a place it is. You can’t go far without meeting someone who’s been to MCC. This college has opened doors for countless students to pursue their career goals, and that very fact is what led us to our campaign theme of “Opening Doors.”

The TV and online pre-roll portions of the campaign feature real alumni entering and exiting doors associated with their respective career fields – providing a visual representation of the success their MCC degrees have helped provide. The awareness campaign also included radio and outdoor, both of which also featured real success stories from Monroe Community College alumni.