M&T Bank

We All Succeed.


Founded in the region more than 150 years ago, and still headquartered there today, M&T Bank has always been committed to the communities it serves in Upstate New York. M&T has supported countless families, community organizations, and businesses large and small over the years, yet many had no idea just how big an impact M&T has locally.


A story is told best by the people who were affected the most. Those who benefitted from M&T’s commitment – the customers, businesses, and community partners – were the most effective, most credible, and most powerful spokespeople we could find. From there, it was simply a matter of letting the camera roll.


Western New York

Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

Heart, Love and Soul

Maid of the Mist

Westminster Community Charter School

Byrne Dairy


This campaign was an immense source of pride for M&T employees, and that was important to the bank. M&T’s employees truly appreciate the positive messages from their customers and partners. Those messages about M&T continue to resonate powerfully throughout Upstate New York, and this TV campaign has been cited by many new M&T customers.