Know the truth. Take the dare.


In 2015, ESAB Welding & Cutting launched their most important product to date – a truly game-changing welding machine called Rebel. It was the first of its kind and created a whole new category for the industry. And we were an integral part of all aspects of the product introduction, beginning with the development of a campaign tailored for consumers and distributors, and then seeing the execution right through launch and beyond.


We developed a bold, in-your-face campaign that made it easy to convey product benefits (truths), but also dared our audience to give the machine – and ESAB – another look.

We created two campaigns – a teaser designed to generate interest in the machine pre-release, and a launch that kicked off after the machine was unveiled. Both campaigns were fully integrated and included landing pages, digital and print ads, content strategy on Facebook and Instagram, collateral, blogger outreach, national TV spots produced 100 percent in-house, product placement on industry TV shows, packaging, and tradeshow materials.


At the end of the day, getting the industry talking about Rebel – and changing the perception of ESAB – is what mattered. The proof? Over the course of the campaign, the brand logged more than 37 million impressions, including 83,000 completed YouTube pre-roll ad views and 102,000 direct views of campaign video content. And with paid, earned, and owned media channels pushing to the landing page, overall traffic to surged 34 percent; to top it off, we delivered an astounding 28 percent conversion rate via sweepstakes entry.