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Waving the flag for M&T.

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The challenge.

In the midst of a turbulent economy, we were charged with creating a campaign for M&T Bank that reassured current customers – as well as potential new ones – that the bank was eager to offer the financial guidance and services to help meet today’s challenges. We wanted to reinforce M&T’s stature as one of the best performing banks in the country, and a strong ray of hope in a time of turmoil.

Our answer.

The green flag was born – with M&T’s vibrant corporate color and logo prominent – a new symbol of optimism, hope, and triumph over challenges. In our communications, we featured strong, confident people proudly raising their green flags. We communicated our message throughout M&T Bank’s markets, utilizing newspaper ads, TV, and of course, actual green flags waving wherever possible.

The results.

The campaign proved to be incredibly successful. By the end of the first year, the bank saw a significant increase in checking account openings over the previous one. Research also showed a healthy lift in unaided awareness of M&T Bank. These trends continued in subsequent years, making this one of the most significant – and recognizable – branding efforts ever by the bank.

The work.

M&T Bank - Green Flag Print Ad
M&T Bank - Green Flag Billboard

M&T Bank - Green Flag Bus Shelter
M&T Bank - Green Flag Bus Shelter

We evolved the effort in the fourth year to introduce Green Flag Country – a place where confident, optimistic customers reside and positive ideals reign.

Client profile.

Founded in 1856 in Buffalo, NY, M&T is one of the strongest banks in the country today, with a growing presence throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

A word from our sponsor.

The “Raise the Green Flag” campaign developed by Crowley Webb has been highly successful for M&T Bank. It has helped drive strong year-over-year increases in checking account sales while at the same time reinforcing the M&T brand.

Bob Moody, M&T Bank Administrative VP, Advertising